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Solar Powered Camera Trap


Our goal is to create a solar powered camera trap to be used in Ecuador for Anthony DiFiore’s field work in tracking and studying monkeys. Currently, the batteries in the camera traps have to be changed every week or so, which is not only time consuming, but wasteful. Additionally, because the camera traps are made by an American company, once they break, they have to be sent back to States to be fixed and replaced by another several hundred dollar camera trap. By using the Arduino ADK, Google ADK or IOIO, hooked up to an Android phone and a solar charging circuit, the trap becomes longer lasting, more environmentally friendly, and easily fixable. Because phones get cheap, fast, this will allow Tony’s team to bring down a whole slew of phones and easily replace broken phones with another functioning one.


A Google ADK or Arduino ADK or IOIO uses a PIR as a trigger to set off the internal camera in the Android phone to take a picture whenever it senses movement. The photo logs to the internal SD card and then goes back to sleep. Using a solar charge controlling circuit, the Android phone and Arduino ADK (hooked up to a 9V rechargeable battery) stay powered for longer.

Here are the steps to getting the ADK to work.

Encasing: Water-proof Pelican Case

Monkey Photo Booth

Google ADK
Monkey Photo Booth Set Up

Presenting Camera Traps at the 2011 ITP Show
Presenting Monkey Photo Booth

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